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State and National Scholarships

A plethora of scholarships listed by due dates

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Educationquest - Click on the "Scholarship Quest" link on this website to bring you to a load of scholarships available to Nebraska students.  Our local scholarships are also available here.  www.educationquest.org

Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation Charles Marshall Educational Loan Fund - Must be a Nebraska Farm Bureau member or be a part of a family membership:  www.nefbfoundation.org/scholarships-awards/for-students

Pepsi Scholarships - college-financial-aid-advice.com/pepsi-scholarship.html

Scholarship Contests:  www.college-financial-aid-advice.com/scholarship-contests.html

Scholarships 4 Students - There are a LOT of scholarships available here.  Scholarships4Students.com

Scholarships for Women: college-financial-aid-advice.com/college-scholarships-for-women.html

There are 3 scholarship programs for Nebraska students available at this website: https://scholars.horatioalger.org

Unique Scholarships - college-financial-aid-advice.com/unique-scholarships.html

Wacky Scholarships - http://www.college-financial-aid-advice.com/scholarship-contests.html

Weird Scholarships - college-financial-aid-advice.com/weird-scholarships.html

Weird Unknown Scholarships - college-financial-aid-advice.com/weird-unknown-scholarships.html


October Deadlines

AES Engineering Scholarship  - This scholarship is based upon the character of the student. You are NOT required to take engineering classes in order to receive this scholarship.  Deadline:  October 6, 2018   www.aesengineers.com/scholarships.htm 

American Legion Oratorical Contest Scholarship Program - More information and the Official Contest Rules of the Oratorical Contest are available at the American Legion National website www.legion.org/oratorical and also at www.nebraskalegion.net/Programs/Oratorical.html.

Axa Community Scholarships - Available Sept. 15 and due when 10,000 scholarships have been turned in or December 15. https://us.axa.com/axa-foundation/AXA-achievement-scholarship.html

Coca-Cola - $3 million a year in scholarships will be given to 250 deserving students.  Deadline:  October 31.  www.coca-colascholarsfoundation.org/applicants/#programs

"Dear Grandchild" Letter Contest - For grandparents and parents: Write a letter to your grandchild, great niece or nephew explaining your hopes and dreams for them and why higher education will be important. Due November 30, 2018  More information is found at https://www.nest529advisor.com/content/maximize_contests_scholarships.html

Horatio Alger Scholarship - This one is intended to assist students who have demonstrated integrity, perseverance in overcoming adversity, strength of character, financial need, a good academic record, commitment to pursue a college education, and a desire to contribute to society.  Eligibility includes intentions to pursue a bachelors degree, financial need, involvement in co-curricular and community activities, minimum GPA of 2.0, and having faced some form of adversity. These scholarships range from $6000 - $25,0000.  https://scholars.horatioalger.org/scholarships/

Multitude of different scholarships related to Horatio Alger:  https://scholars.horatioalger.org/scholarships/about-our-scholarship-programs/

United States Youth Senate Program $5000 Scholarship - Applications must be completed and submitted by October 4, 2018.  This is an educational experience for students interested in pursuing a career in public service.  Two students from each state will be  sent to Washington DC to experience their national government in action.  www.education.ne.gov/ss/USSYP/.html

Wendy's Heisman Award - Due Oct. 2.  You must have a B average, be involved in at least one of their recognized sports, be a good leader at school and in the community and also be a good role model. www.wendyshighschoolheisman.com


November Deadlines

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship:   Any high school senior who is a US citizen may apply for a MVS scholarship.  Applications will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.  Go to www.elks.org/enf/scholars to get an ID number and then download the application.  All scholarship applications must have an ID number and be done on line.  The ID number will be used in all Elks applications.  The hard copy must be mailed to Elks Lodge No. 1195, 5113 63rd Street, Columbus, NE  68601 by November 2018.  

Hagan Scholarship - This is a FANTASTIC scholarship!!  It is renewable up to $5000 a semester!  Applicants are from rural America and there are 16 scholarships for Nebraska.  Requirements include:  A GPA of 3.5 or higher, an ACT score of 23 or higher, must be attending a four year college, must work at least 240 hours prior to the start of college, family FAFSA contribution must be less than $7500, and must not have been convicted of a felony. Deadline:  November 15.  http://www.hsfmo.org

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Community College Scholarship - This scholarship is due November  27, 2018. Apply at  https://apply.transfer.commonapp.org/applicant-ux/utm_campaign=2019_all_Outreach&utm_source=Counselor_News&utm_medium=Email#/loginhttps://apply.transfer.commonapp.org/applicant-ux/?utm_campaign=2019_all_Outreach&utm_source=Counselor_News&utm_medium=Email#/login

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation 4 year College Scholarship - This scholarship is for high achieving seniors with a GPA or 3.5 or higher, an ACT score of 26+ and financial need.  Due Nov. 20.  https://www.jkcf.org/our-scholarships/college-scholarship-program/resources-for-high-schoolers/

KHOP (Kearney Health Opportunities Program) - This is in cooperation between UNK and the University of Nebraska Medical Center in order to recruit and retain medical professionals in rural Nebraska. If you are considering a career in a medical field, check this out! Deadline:  November 15.  http://unk.edu/healthsciencescholarships/

Omaha World Herald/Kearney Hub Scholarship - First time freshmen must score 30 and above on the ACT and be in the top 10% of the graduating class, receive the Regents Scholarship, show significant leadership in co-curricular activities and complete a writing sample.  https://www.unk.edu/academics/honors/admissions/index.php

Prudential Spirit of Community Award - If you have made a difference through volunteering you might want to check this out.  THIS IS FOR ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Due:  Nov.7   http://spirit.prudential.com

RHOP (Rural Health Opportunities Program) If you are interested in pursuing an RHOP scholarship for the field of medicine, the deadline has been changed to November 15. It is an extensive process so get started! Search for the RHOP scholarship information on the Wayne State College, Peru State College, or Chadron State College websites.  https://www.wsc.edu/rhop  www.csc.edu/sci/rhop  https://www.peru.edu/rhop

University of Nebraska at Kearney Honors Program - Students with an ACT at 30 or above and are in the top 10% of their class should apply to the Honors Program by November 15 to be considered for one of the most prestigious scholarships at UNK (the Omaha World Herald/Kearney Hub Scholarship).  www.unk.edu/honors

University of Nebraska at Lincoln Honors Program - Requirements:  An ACT of 30+, rank in the top 10% of the class, a demonstrated commitment to intellectual and academic pursuits, and school and community involvement.  www.honors.unl.edu/prospective


December Deadlines

AXA Achievement  Scholarship - This scholarship awards $670,000 to AXA Achievers. Are you an AXA Achiever?  To qualify you must demonstrate ambition and drive, determination to set and reach goals, respect for self, family and community and ability to succeed in college.  You must be active in your community, have led a project that benefits others and overcome a personal challenge.   http://us.axa.com/axa-foundation/AXA-achievement-scholarship.html

"Dear Grandchild" Scholarship - A change to win a $2000 NEST account.  Grandparents are to write letters to their grandchildren and encourage them on to college.  Official scholarship contest rules are found at www.NEST529.com or at www.treasurer.org/cs.

Elks National Foundation Scholarships - A number of scholarships are also at this website with various deadlines:  elks.org/enf/scholars

Elks MVP Scholarship -  You must go to www.elks.org/enf/scholars to get an ID number and then download the application.   The ID number will be used in all applications whether it is local, state or national scholarships.  You may not apply for the ELKS Vocational scholarship if applying for the MVP Scholarship.  Nursing students applying to a 4 year school should apply for the MVP.  www.elks.org/enf/scholars

Nebraska State College System Scholarships - Chadron, Peru, or Wayne State Colleges - The application website is www.nscs.edu . Governor's Opportunity Award - This is for half tuition.  Requirements:  ACT of 21-24.  Renewable for four years.

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation Scholarship - Google this to find the scholarship application. 

Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship - This is for engineering students planning to go to the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  The Scott Scholarship pays for fees, room and board at Scott Residence Hall, books and materials and a laptop computer.  When this is paired with the University of Nebraska at Omaha Regent's Scholarship, it is considered a full ride.  Apply at https://pki.nebraska.edu/

Wayne State College - WSC offers a variety of scholarships and opportunities.  These are due Dec. 1. www.wsc.edu/admissions/forms/freshmen_scholarships.pdf

1800 Wheelchair Scholarship - There is NOT a requirement of a disability in order to apply for this scholarship.  www.wheelchair.com/scholarship


January Deadlines

Acacia Leadership Scholarship - for incoming male students planning to attend UNL in the upcoming academic year.  One $1000 scholarship and two $500 scholarships will be given.  Deadline:  January 2019.  http://ibt.ly/acacia_unl

Buckle Scholarship - This is only for students planning to attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  A minimum ACT of 26 is required.  www.unk.edu/academics/csit/scholarships.php

Caterpillar Foundation Scholarship - Five $1000 Caterpillar Scholarships will be given.  Type "scholarships" in the search box at this website:  nmc-corp.com/Content.aspx?id=1974&terms=scholarships

Chadron State College - CSC offers a variety of scholarships based upon academic ability and extracurricular activities. csc.edu/finaid

Gates Millennium Scholarship - Students may qualify if they are African American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American. college-financial-aid-advice.com/gates-millennium-scholarship.html

Gus Swanson Memorial Scholarship -This is for a senior who plans to pursue a degree in Advertising, Marketing, Mass Communications, Public Relations, Journalism, or Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing.  swansonrussell.com/scholarships

Nebraska Elks Association Vocational Scholarship Grant - This scholarship is for seniors planning to attend a Trade School, Technical School or Community College for an associate degree, diploma or certificate. You cannot submit applications to both the vocational scholarship and the Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship.  Google Nebraska Elks Association Vocational Scholarship Grant.  Applications must be turned into the Elks Lodge at 5113 63rd Street, Columbus, NE  68601 by January 1, 2019.

Nebraska Press Association Foundation, Inc.  - Scholarships will be awarded to seniors planning to enroll in a college to enroll in a major leading to a career in print journalism. www.nebpress.com

Nebraska State College System Scholarships - Chadron, Peru, or Wayne State Colleges - The application website is www.nscs.edu . Board of Trustee's Scholarship - This scholarship is full in-state tuition renewable for four years.  Requirements:  Minimum ACT of 25.

NMC Technical College Program and Sponsorship Opportunities - This program offers selected students to earn a two year degree in Diesel Technology. This program provides funds to cover tuition, books, and fees.  Additionally, students may receive a student tool set and cabinet.  This support is worth over $15,000 to selected students. Type "scholarships" in the search box at this website:  nmc-corp.com/Content.aspx?id=1974&terms=scholarships

Norma Ross Walter Scholarship - Three scholarships of $2000, $1000, and $500 will be awarded.  Applicants must be female Nebraska high school students who are planning on majoring in English. www.willacather.org/learn/scholarships

Peru State College - Peru offers a wide range of scholarships for prospective students. peru.edu/admissions

Regan Foundation Scholarship - This scholarship is based upon leadership and is also income based.  The deadline is January 4, 2019.  scholarsapply.org/ge-reagan/

Rural Southwest Deanery of the Omaha Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women - A $250 scholarship will be awarded to a female Catholic senior whose home parish is within the Omaha Archdiocese.  The winner will be sent on to the Archdiocesan level to be judged for a possible $500 scholarship.  Applications must be postmarked by January 15, 2019.  Contact DeDe Reardon for more information. 

Union Plus Scholarships - unionplus.org/college-education-financing/union-plus-scholarship

University of Nebraska - Kearney Music Scholarship Audition Dates:  Check the website for audition dates.  Contact the Department of Music and Performing Arts for more information. Additional Scholarship/Audition information available online at www.unk.edu/music.

Wayne State College Special Abilities Art Scholarship - Scholarships are awarded to students who have shown exceptional artistic merit at the high school level.  Recipients of this scholarship must attend Wayne State College in the fall and major in art with a concentration in Studio Art, Graphic Design, or K-12 Art Education.  Deadline is January 2019.  Use search bar at WSC website to get to scholarship information.

Walmart Scholarships - foundation.walmart.com/our-focus/associate-scholarships    You'll have to access at home as the school has blocked this site.


February Deadlines

Antonette Willa Skupa Turner Scholarship - This scholarship is for students planning to major in English or History. Selection is based on intellectual promise, creativity and character of the applicant.  Deadline:  February 2019. www.willacather.org/learn/scholarships

Best Buy Scholarships - 1,100 students will receive scholarships for $1000 each.  If you have solid grades, work experience or community involvement, check this out!!!  www.bestbuy-communityrelations.com

Buick Achievers Scholarship Program - This is for those who will attend a four year college or university and plan to major in a field of study that focuses on engineering, technology, design or business with an interest in the automotive industry.  Deadline:  February 2019. buickachievers.com

Cargill - cargillglobalscholars.com/scholarship   

Conor Lynch Memorial Scholarship - Applicants must be between the ages of 16 - 21. https://noys.org/conor-lynch-memorial-scholarship/

Diesel Tech Scholarship - This scholarship is for $10,000.  To qualify the student must be accepted into a Diesel Technology or Collision Repair Technology program. Applications must be received by February 10 for programs starting in the Fall. www.dieseltechs.com/scholarships.html

FFA Scholarships - ffa.org

FRS College Scholarship Program - The Foundation of Rural Service (FRS) offers over $100,000 in scholarships to rural high school seniors who express an interest in returning to a rural area.  Visit http://www.frs.org for information regarding the scholarships offered.  This scholarship requires a signature of sponsorship from Great Plains Communications.  In order to meet the FRS postmark deadline, please send the completed application packet to Jacque Wilkins, Great Plains Communications, POB 500 Blair, NE  68008 by the February 23. The required signature will be obtained and the completed packet will be forwarded to FRS prior to their deadline.  

Grand Island Community Foundation Scholarships - There are a number of scholarships here.  The deadline is February 2018.    http://www.gicf.org

Great Plains Communications Scholarship - This scholarship is offered to graduating high school seniors planning to attend a Nebraska state or private college, a Nebraska one- or two- year trade or technical school, Northwest Technical Institute of Goodland Kansas, and Mitchell Technical Institute of Mitchell, SD.  Up to ten $1,000 scholarships will be awarded statewide.  Applicants must be customers of Great Plains Communications and subsidiaries.  Application and information is available at http://www.gpcom.com/about/scholarships.

Herff Jones Believe in You Scholarship - Fifty  $200 scholarships are available  with a chance to win $5000, $8500 or $12,000.  Deadline is February 2018.  http://www.herffjones.com/biuscholarship

Monsanto America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Scholarship  - Sixteen scholarships totally $24,000 will be awarded in Nebraska.  Information can be found at www.americafarmers.com/recognition-programs/grow-ag-leaders/

Nebraska Press Association - nebpress.com

Nebraska Roping Horse Association - This scholarship is for students in the upper 25% of their class with a minimum of a 26 on the ACT. www.nebraskaquarterhorse.com/About-Us/Scholarships

Nebraska Society of Professional Engineers - nspenebraska.org

Nebraska State College System Scholarships - Chadron, Peru or Wayne State Colleges - The application website is www.nscs.edu.  Davis-Chambers Freshman Scholarship - This is valued at $8000 over four years.  Must have a 3.0 GPA.

Northeast Community College Scholarships - northeast.edu/scholarship

University of Nebraska at Kearney Davis Chambers Scholarship - Targeting students who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in cultural communities or backgrounds.  This scholarship looks at ACT scores, GPA, class rank, demographic diversity including geographic diversity, first generation status, low income, single family household and life experiences.  Financial need is considered in determining the award for this scholarship. unk.edu/omascholarships

University of Nebraska - Kearney Honors Program - Must have a minimum ACT of 27 and rank in the top 25% of the class.  www.unk.academics/honors.aspx?ekfrm=47122

University of Nebraska - Kearney Theatre Scholarship $1000  - Due date is February 1.  See Mrs. Cruise for an application.

University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Business Administration Scholarships - cba.unomaha.edu/SCHOLARSHIPS

WinField Careers in Agriculture Scholarship - Students pursuing two or four year degrees in agronomy, crop production, or closely related fields may apply. winfield.com/News/ECMP2-0173060


March Deadlines

Ak-sar-ben Scholarships - https://www.aksarben.org/p/scholarships

American Legion Auxiliary Scholarships - The Ruby Lorraine Paul Scholarship, Ruby Paul Campaign Scholarship and Vocational Technical Scholarship applications are available here:  www.alaforveterans.org

American Legion Auxiliary Nurse's Scholarship - You must be veteran connected for this scholarship.  

American Legion Auxiliary Vocational Technical Scholarship - You must be veteran connected for this scholarship.  

Annual Pasta Tales Essay Contest - Olive Garden's Scholarship essay writing contest - www.zinch.com/scholarships/annual-pasta-tales-essay-contest

Cabella's Women in Leadership Scholarships - The application form can be accessed at the EducationQuest Foundation website or at the Huge Foundation website.  Application deadline is March 2018.  www.thehugefoundation.org

Career Education Scholarships -  There are two different types of scholarships available:  Outstanding Secondary Career and Technical Education Student Award (two $1,000 scholarships will be given) and Outstanding Secondary Special Population Career and Technical Education Student Award (one $1000 scholarship will be given)  educationquest.org/scholarshipquest

Career and Technical Education Scholarship - This scholarship is for students planning to attend a non-degree certificate program or vocational training that is less than 12 months at a community college or private career school listed on College Navigator. One of the requirements is you must be a child of a active duty or reserve US Marine, Veteran Marine who received and honorable discharge or was killed while serving, a Veteran Navy Corpsman who served with a Marine unit. For more information and to apply go to https://www.mcsf.org/cte

Cargill Scholarship - cargillglobalscholars.com

Central Community College - Columbus, Hastings, Grand Island - CCC students have received over $1.5 in scholarships.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by.  cccneb.edu/financialaid.

CHSFoundation Scholarships - 100 $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to students pursuing an ag degree at any college or university throughout the United States. Application deadline is March 31, 2019.  chsinc.com/stewardship

Columbus Area Human Resource Association $500 Scholarship - Students must be employed or have a family member who is employed with a company that is a member of the Columbus Area Human Resource Association and majoring in a Business or Human Resource program of study.  Two $500 scholarships will be awarded.   Applications must be returned by March 31, 2019.

Columbus Community Hospital - There are a number of scholarships available here:  columbushosp.org/student_central/student_scholarships.aspx

Central Valley Ag Scholarships - Students seeking Ag degrees click on the "Careers link" or search "Scholarships"  after going to cvacoop.com 

CVA Scholarships - 15 $1,000 Scholarships will be awarded to students majoring in an ag related field. Deadline is March 15, 2019. www.cvacoop.com/careers/scholarship

D.J.'s Hero Scholarship Awards -  Given in memory of D.J. Sokol, the award recognizes seniors who exemplify D.J.'s dedication of faith, selfless acts for others and commitment to the community.  Honorees receive a $10,000 scholarship.  The application is available at GiveSalvationArmy.org.

Engebretson Foundation Scholarship - The amount of this scholarship will pay tuition, not to exceed $10,000. www.engebretsonfoundation.org/

Great Plains Trade and Technical Scholarship - This is offered to seniors who plan to attend a trade or technical college in Nebraska.  Up to 6 scholarships of $1000 each will be awarded. Applicants must live in a community where Great Plains offers telephone or cable service is provided. gpcom.com/about/scholarships

Great Plains Foundation for Rural Service Fund - This is for students planning to pursue telecommunications, rural education or rural development.  fred.org

Great Plains Long Distance Scholarship - This is offered to seniors who plan to attend a Nebraska college or trade school and enroll in an agricultural related program and plan to return to their hometown or other Great Plains exchange to pursue a career.  gpcom.com/about/scholarships

Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska Scholarship - This application covers three Memorial scholarships:  Chet Linder, Jay Jacupke and the IIA of Omaha. The applications must be postmarked by March 1.  It is required that the applicant intends to major in business or a business related field.   Each scholarship is $1000.  


Juliette A. Southard/Oral-B Laboratories Scholarship Program - For students planning to enroll in dental assisting.  dentalassistant.org/Content/Details/StudentAwardScholarship

Kohl's Kids Who Care - This scholarship if for students ages 6-18 who are involved in community service.  kohlskids.com

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation - These scholarships are for children with parents who were United States Marines.  There are specific guidelines, eligibility criteria and income eligibility.  https://www.mcsf.org/apply/

Maynard Jensen Scholarship - This scholarship is military related. www.nebraskalegion.net/Programs/Scholarships.html

Nebraska Academy of Sciences - Six scholarships will be given away.  nebraskaacademyofsciences.wildapricot.org/GrantsandScholarships

Nebraska Association of County Extension Boards - A $1000 scholarship is offered to a student attending UNL and in the College of Natural Resources or the College of Education and Human Sciences.  Contact Steve Pritchard  with questions.  402-395-2158. Deadline is March 15, 2019.   Application is available near the bottom of the page on the scholarship link at  https://sites.google.com/site/nebraskaassocntyextbds/home/organization/awards-and-scholarships

Nebraska Farm Bureau Services Greater Horizon Scholarship - This scholarship is for students majoring in an ag-related field of study and plan to return home after graduation and return to farming or ranching.  www.nefb.org/public/257/programs/scholarships

Nebraska Insurance Federation and Nebraska Actuaries Club Scholarships - Two $4000 scholarships and one $1000 will be offered.  Students must be planning on majoring in Actuary Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or Economics and plan to pursue a degree in Actuary Science.  beanactuary.org/how/2012-2013_NAC_Scholarship_App.pdf

Nebraska Legal Professionals Association Scholarship - Applicants must be enrolling full-time in paralegal, legal secretarial, criminal justice or a law-related undergraduate program. All applications must be postmarked by March 31.  The application can be found here: http://www.nebraskalegalprofessionals.org

Nebraska School Counseling Association Scholarship - This is an essay based scholarship for $500.  neschoolcounselor.org/scholarship.html

Nebraska Society of Mayflower Descendants Burt & Becky Whedon Memorial Scholarship - This $500 scholarship is offered to a senior who is a Nebraska resident and US citizen.  Applicants will be evaluated by written essay, GPA, class rank, ACT scores, honors received, school or volunteer activities, employment, demonstrated leadership and a letter of recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor.  Mayflower ancestry is NOT a requirement. Deadline is March 31, 2019. http://nebraskamayflower.org/downloads/scholarship-application.pdf

Oxbow Animal Health Scholarshipwww.oxbowanimalhealth.com

Rural Southwest Deanery of the Omaha Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women - This $250 scholarship is available to all young Catholic women who belong to a parish that actively supports the Rural Southwest Deanery.  The St. Edward Catholic Church belongs to this.  Return application to Deanna Reardon by March 1, 2019.   Winners of the Deanery scholarship will be forwarded to the Archdiocesan level and if selected will be awarded an additional $500. To find the application forms, click on the "Forms" link on the Guidance page.

State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship  - Fifty recipients will receive a $2500 scholarship.  The deadline for this is March 1, 2019.  http://www.scholarshipamerican.org/statefarmgoodneighborscholarship/

Susan Thompson Buffet Scholarship - This scholarship covers expenses related to attending college. March 1 deadline.  buffettscholarships.org/scholarships.shtml

Work Ethic Scholarship - This is free money for those who want and education to learn a trade. This program rewards people with a passion to get trained for a skill that is in demand.  More information is found at mikeroweworks.org


April Deadlines

American Legion Legacy Scholarship - This scholarship requires a military connection. legion.org/scholarships/legacy

American Medical Technologists' Scholarship Program - This is for students planning pursue medical technology, medical assistant, dental assistant, or phlebotomy studies.  Click under Schools and Students to find the scholarships link.  www.americanmedtech.org

American Nuclear Society Scholarship - ANS Incoming Freshman Scholarship - Pursuing a degree in nuclear engineering?  ans.org/honors/scholarships

Barrientos Scholarship - The Barrientos Scholarship assist Latino students pursuing higher degrees in education in Nebraska in pursuing their educational and career goals.  www.barrientosscholarship.org

Cabela's Women in Leadership Scholarship - This $10,000 is for young women who exhibit the potential to become tomorrow's leaders.  See Mrs. Cruise for an application.

Columbus Area Art Scholarship - A $250 scholarship to students who have a "B" average and demonstrate talent in the Visual Art area.  Deadline is April 14.  

Ed Johnson Scholarship - This award is given to a senior boy who is a member of a high school varsity basketball team in Nebraska.  A medal and $300 cash award will be presented to the recipient at the halftime of the NCA All-Star Boys' Basketball Game and a travelling plaque will be presented to the recipient's head coach.  For more information: http://www.ncacoach.org/edjohnson.php

Farm Bureau County Scholarships - Click at the bottom of the page on County Farm Bureau Scholarships.  One scholarship is for Farm Bureau families in Boone County. Two scholarships are available for member families in Platte County and one is available for Nance County families.  www.ne.insidefb.com/p.aspx?p=376

Davis-Chambers Scholarship - For those who show academic promise and are active in their school and community.  www.cccneb.edu/downloads/DavisChambersApplicationInformation.pdf

Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska - Jim Hanna Scholarship Fund - In order to apply for this scholarship you must have at least a 2.5 GPA, be involved in extracurricular activities and a parent must be a member of the Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska. 

James Cox Scholarship - This scholarship is income-based.  Deadline is April 15, 2019.  You will find the application under "Guidance" and then under "Forms".

Johnny Baxter Carriage House Foundation Scholarship - This is for students planning on attending one of Nebraska's Community Colleges to study in an automotive related field. See Mrs. Cruise for an application.

Lanford Family Highway Worker Memorial Program - Financial assistance for students who parent has been killed or permanently disable in a construction work zone.  artba.org/about/transportation-development-foundation/awards-scholarships/

Monroe Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department - Two $500 scholarships will be given to seniors from the Monroe Rural Fire District.  Students who are eligible for the scholarships must be dependents of families that own property or reside in the Monroe Rural Fire District.  Deadline is April 1.

Nebraska Agri-Women Scholarship - Student must plan on receiving an Ag related degree from either a College or Technical Trade School in Nebraska.  Deadline:  April 15.

Nebraska Coaches Association Scholarship - Must have an ACT of 24 and a participation in sports.  ncacoach.org/uploads/CISapp.pdf

Nebraska Coaches Association/Country Inn & Suites Scholarship - Eight recipients will be awarded $1000.  Minimum ACT of 24.    www.ncacoach.org/lincolninnsuites.php

Nebraska Cooperative Council Education Foundation - UNL College of Ag Sciences and Natural Resources -Three $1,100 scholarships, based on available resources majoring in agribusiness or ag economics and Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis - One $600 scholarship to a student majoring in agribusiness or ag production systems. These are for sons/daughters of members/directors/employees for 3 years of a cooperative in good standing as a member of the Nebraska Cooperative Council for at least 5 years. www.nebr.coop

Nebraskans for Peace Scholarship - Three $500 scholarships and six $100 scholarships will be awarded to seniors.  Awards are based upon written essays and divided among the three congressional districts. For information contact NFPscholarships@gmail.com. 

Nebraska Quarterhorse Youth Scholarship - www.nebraskaquarterhorse.com/About-Us/Scholarship

Nebraska Scholarship Contest  - Two $250 scholarships will be awarded to Nebraska seniors by the Insuring Success scholarship committee.  The application form is found under "Forms" on Guidance page.  Due date is April 15, 2019.  It may be helpful to do a little research on the company before filling out the application: insuringsuccess.com.

Nebraska School Counselor Association Scholarship - One $500 scholarship will be given.  Deadline is April 4.  You can obtain the application by clicking on the Guidance link.  

Northeast Nebraska Ag Community Scholarship - The $750 scholarships will be awarded to seniors with a C or higher grade point average.  They must be a resident of Madison, Wayne, Stanton, Pierce, Antelope, Boone or Northern Platte County.  A letter of reference from an agricultural industry (i.e. Extension educator, 4H or FFA leader, breed association leader or banker) must be included.  See Mrs. Cruise for an application. 

Phi Delta Theta  has four scholarships for incoming male freshmen students to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  The application deadline is May 16.  

Pink Bandana Beat Breast Cancer Scholarship - This is a 4 year renewable scholarship for students who have battled or who have watched a parent or sibling fight breast cancer.  More information can be found at www.pinkbandana.org.  Due April 30, 2019.

Visionary Scholarship Program from American College Foundation.  This scholarship is NOT income based.  www.AmericanCollege Foundation.org  Deadline is April 1,  2019.


May Deadlines

Norden Club of Lincoln Foundation Scholarship and Grants-in-Aid - This scholarship is for those individuals who wish to study and promote an appreciation of Scandinavian heritage.  There area a variety of ways in which to pursue this - including, but not limited to - classroom courses, study abroad, travel, cultural arts, elderhostels, projects or Scandinavian study programs.  The proposed experience must further the goals of the Norden Club and the Foundation.  Due May 1, 2019.

Northeast Nebraska Ag Community Scholarship  - This scholarship is offered by the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce and Madison Chamber of Commerce.  Basis for Selection:  Must be a senior and resident of Madison, Wayne, Stanton, Pierce, Antelope, Boone or nothern Platte County and will include a letter of reference from an agricultural industry (i.e. Extension educator, 4-H or FFA leader, breed association leader or banker). The amount of each scholarship (two will be awarded) is $500.  Applications can be obtained by calling the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce (402-371-4862) or the Madison Chamber of Commerce (402-454-2251).  Deadline:  May 1, 2019.


June Deadlines

BBB Communication Scholarship - www.breylancommunications.com/bbgcommunications/132/scholarships.php

Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarship - Must be the daughter of a farmer, rancher or other person employed closely in agriculture.  americanagriwomen.org/daughters-american-agriculture


July Deadlines

Olson/Wolf Loan Program - This foundation offers loans to Boone County residents.  Please check out this website for more information: If the link does not work, you will have to do a search for this.  sites.esu7.org/bcsguidance/?page_id=952  

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Scholarship - This is for males planning to attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney.http://bit.ly.Y00d16